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6 months poat radiation


Hi all. So I am celebrating 6 months since getting the full dose of radiation on my AVM and what a journey. The worst sidw effects was 2 weeks after struggling with headaches, sensitive skull ans being extremely tired. I also experienced extreme weightloss not sure if that is one of the aide effects. All i can say is i am thankful for this group it helped me alot and the support from my family,friends and work. Stay strong, enjoy life and make the best of everyday you get to wake up. Yes its scary and you dont know what tomorrow will bring but dont let this rule your life!!! May you all have a blessed week and remember you are not alone :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Yeah I know how that goes it’s been a year since I got my gamma knife everything went well just got a swollen in the front left side of my brain but they keep an eye on that but I had a grand mal seizure was scared me I thought I was having stroke but I’m a fighter and I’m doing good and you’re doing really really good and I’m proud of you keep up the good work


Hi AllyG:

Your post is so timely for me. In 2014, I had my first Gamma Knife Radiation Procedure, which eradicated 50% of the AVM in my Cerebellum. I had basically the same side effects as you. In 3 days I am having my 2nd Gamma Knife Radiation procedure and I’m more than a bit nervous about the outcome. I fear what the 2nd round side effects might be. However, I have to do it because like you said, I won’t let the monster in my head, rule my life! Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone. The AVM-ers have been a great source of support, encouragement and information. AllyG, I wish you the best on your AVM journey. And, to all of you, please keep me in your prayers as you are all in mine.

Sharon D…