6 month angiogram

I had my avm removed from my left temporal lobe by getting a craniotomy this past january 2015. My neurosurgeon is doing an angiogram in about a week for a 6 months post surgery to check and make sure he got it all. I’m really happy but nervous because of the fact that he could still find something that needs to come out. This will be the 4th angiogram I’ve had since my avm bleed so I know the drill. So I’m really just wondering if anybody had to have more removal that had to be done by a craniotomy or gamma knife because there was still more in there even after they already had the craniotomy?
Thank you for any replies to this and God bless you all! :slight_smile:

Hi TLo, I'm almost time for my next angio and I too am nervous. I kind of made a meal out of the local anaesthetic the first time I had one done while being awake and they didn't put enough in so I felt the first cut and they needed to jag me again :( , Since then I have always been very nervous . My last one the Surgeon was sure they got it all out (10 hour Cranio so I should hope so !) , I really do hope both our results are good :) , I've moved forward with life since my Op, buying a new house and booking a holiday for my family and I. I have this attitude that is "Why worry about things you cannot change !" so I'm sure no matter what my result is I will accept it and move on and as Dory from Finding Nemo said "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming !" :) , Take care and try not to get too stressed about your procedure, Everything should be fine :) , Lets us all know how it goes.


Thank you Martin! That is a great way to look at it and we are pretty much in the same boat :slight_smile: I hope your next one goes well too. We can keep each other posted. And I’m so glad everything has been going well for you so far! We will “just keep swimming” :slight_smile:

good luck to you all…Martin I assume this be your last Angiogram or do you have to keep going back ?? Just curious cause i had one year later after bleed was fine and said no need to go back.

Hi Daven, I hope so ! :) , But will confirm that during my pre procedure appointment where they will check that they can go ahead with it :) . I will post back and let you know.



good luck hope all good news