5th Embo Dec 2nd

A very emotional day to say the least. we needed our time together to process all of it.
We do need another embo and will find out probably today when that will happen. Doc says step back and breath and although he knows we are in a hurry to get on with it and start recovery, he stressed how serious this surgery is and that the more they can “knock out” before hand the easier the actual removal will be. Of course Stroke is a very high concern.
He noticed right away that Zac is having speech problems and said that this may or may not go away (or get worse) after surgery. Area of the brain mostly effected is " speech, comprehension, understanding of speech and math"
He also encouraged us to get a second opinion if we wanted. I really think that he was just letting us know that it would not hurt his feelings if we did and to make us feel more comfortable. Zac told him no he is the man. Just as we are finding out that he does indeed have feelings, a sense of humor and is somewhat human he wants us to find someone else?! lol We appreciated him bringing it up but that was something we had not even considered. Not once did he rush us even with a full waiting room. He even went in and called Siker while we waited so they could discuss another embo.
On a lighter note, we get there and no one is around, Zac had hit the little bell a couple times and no one came out. After the waiting room filled up with people Adler opens the door and says Jennifer is ill today so its just me please be patient and calls us back. I said so you are having to run the place with out Jennifer today? (joking) he says " I can do her job" Uh huh sure you can…when he went to take Zacs BP and starts to squeeze the ball its not working…he says it just worked for my last patient? takes the cuff off turns it around with a little smile and holds it up as we are laughing I say there are pictures…he had the cuff on backwards! Personally I could give a rip that he cant take blood pressure correctly! lol I just want him to save my husbands life, and he will.
So there you have it, all! Life is going on as normal (or what has become our normal) as we can make it and we are making it just fine. :slight_smile: