5 years since it all began.......wow what a roller coaster!

Saturday 6th November was the 5th anniversary of Jacob’s first bleed and our first diagnosis of an AVM and wow what a 5 years it’s been! Lots of surgeries, a shunt in, stereotactic radiation, A couple of seizures,another AVM, more surgeries, Shunt out and now a whole year of normal life…just goes to show my boy is one special, amazing and truly inspirational human being. We are so lucky to have him xxx

Don’t give up hope…Hang in there…Support is here. This site didn’t exist when Jacob got sick but when I found it I found support and friendship I hope you all feel the same.

Clare xxxxxxx

Hello Clare, I am so very happy for you all…what is ‘normal’ life like? lol.
Take care and continue to enjoy life!!xx