5 Days after Embolization - The Road To Recovery

Well, today I’ve got up early and pottered about a bit I managed to get my Coco Pops in the bowl by 7.00am so they should be mushy enough to eat by 8.00am and I generally feel pretty good now with less swellling and pain. I think I have single handedly helped I Tunes towards 1 billion downloads with the amount of self help audio books and meditation devices I have downloaded to my I Pod, I believe it is all helping with lots of meditation/chakra cleansing/quantum healing throughout my lazy recovery days. Today I am energized and positive and think I may try some yoga stretches and even venture out of the house to the local Blockbusters for more 24 and Chocolate, ‘One step at a time Rollie’. I am also going to book a Reiki Healing and Massage session for tomorrow which I’m going to really look forward too, so what I’m saying by all of this is it’s easy to feel down with the whole experience and pain associated with the Embolization post op process and ofcourse many have far greater problems but with time life returns and enjoyment and love is felt again - this is has not been plagarised from one of my self-help books honest!

Glad your so positve Ronald, coco pops woohoo!

Your killin’ me mushy Coco Pops, yuck. I’d be opting for milkshakes, pudding, etc. Glad your doing better. Keep up the positive attitude.

I’m with Janice on the mushy coco pops! Yuck! Although I guess we all have our quirks. At least it is still something chocolatey so I’ll give you that. Another good one I have found is dipping french fries into chocolate ice cream…sounds weird but it’s yummy! I figure since the fries are really just potatoes that I’m eating healthy. Right? Hope the yoga stretches get you feeling a little more active. And venturing out of the house is good. Can’t stay inside all day without starting to feel a little crusty :slight_smile:
And if your “feel good” post isn’t the least bit plagarized…well then I’m thinking you are on the road to “author” yourself! You can be the resident “feel gooder” on the board and we will let you know which shining thoughts are print worthy!
Glad you are feeling good! Must be from all the chocolate!

Good on yer Roland ! Keep positive my friend, Chris xxx

Sounds like you’re also using some humor to help you through your recovery. I also believe in the power of chocolate to cure all!