4th May, 2011 My first blog

Hi to all and thanks for your kind welcome to the group. I will let you know a little about myself. In 1972 I had a bad horse related accident where I had brain contusions and I lost my speech and paralysis down the left side. Mind it was before cat scans and MRI. I have worked full time as a school teacher then without any ill effects and this year I was sent for a scan by my GP after I was having dizzy spells and ‘turns’. They found a large parietal AVM on the left side which had bled. (I think the bleed occurred during my accident in 1972 as I was unconscious for days). I was referred to a specialist in Sydney where I underwent more scans and an MRI. In 3 weeks time we have to travel back to Sydney for an angiogram, then an EEG, visit a neurologist and the neurosurgeon again. The neurosurgeon has diagnosed me with focal epilepsy that is why I am having an EEG. The surgeon has left the option of surgery up to me. I will definitley decide after my visit in 3 weeks time. Hope that my blog was not too boring. Cheers to all.

Hi, of course it is not boring, what is you surgeons name and which hospital are you having your angio etc? I am going into hospital for surgery on the 30th May at Macquarie University Hospital under Prof Morgan and Brandon will also be in there recovering from his surgery at this time as well. If it is 27th May on, maybe we could all meet up. Up to you

take care


Hi Ina.There is a sub-group here that you may wish to join...


BTW...your blog was fascinating not boring. Good luck with your decision!

Hi Ina. DM and I have the same neurosurgeon. I’m due to see him in a fortnights time as its 12 months since he had the pleasure of my company. Its good that the surgeon has provided you with options, and ultimately any decision should be the patients. You may come across some on here who will say you ‘MUST’ do this, or that - each AVM is unique and your best option is what sits comfortably with you, and your loved ones. Congrats on your blog - and when you travel to Sydney, may i suggest you don’t come across by horse! Tone

Is it safe to name the surgeon you are going to? I am going to Westmead Private on the 25th May for my angiogram.

Cheers Ina

Hi Ina, yep it is safe to name the surgeon, but Westmead is a fair way from were we will be.

Best of luck

Stay strong and take care


Hi Ina…Welcome to the group…I also had several bad horse related accidents when I was younger (i’m 60 years old now), but back then they never did MRI’s… I don’t think my parents even sent me to see a doctor. It was one of those, “Get back on the horse or put the horse back in his corall”. My AVM was on my left temporal lobe and I probably feel off my horse and landed on that side quite a bit… I didn’t even find out that I had an AVM when I was 57 because I had a headack after a dental appt. and the dentist asked me to go for an MRI. You may want to read my Profile to see the rest…Keep the Faith and please let us know about your journey with your AVM.