4th Embo - August 3

Well just confirmed that August 3 I will be having my fourth and hopefully my last embo at Jefferson. A bit scared as my two other neurosurgeons didn’t want to do anything but palliative care; honestly when I saw what an awesome Dr. Rossenwassers apperas to be and after meeting him, I know I am in great hands…so so many on this site have used him and only good things about him…still scared though… He will do it a bit different but again, I trust him. I am hoping that all goes well…just started a new job that I love but my health I realize is the most important esp. because of my four beautiful children. I hope you can see from my case, and we are all individuals but never give up and never take no for an answer. I pray each and everyday for all us on each of our individual journeys. God bless…xoxo Mare

Good Luck Mare
Hope it will be your last, I will pray for you.
Your Friend


My good friend I wish I could be with you through your 4th embo but you are in good hands. I love Dr. Rosenwasser too. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I wish I could drive! It is normal to be scared I was and still am but we are strong. We can do this! Sending all my love to you Mare… remember we will be having a celebration together very soon! xoxoxoxoxoxo

I am glad you found a doctor you are comfortable with it really makes a big difference. Best of luck for you and many many prayers all goes just as planned. You can do it Mare!!!

And we will be praying for you, too.

Take care,


checking in to see how you are, and just read you are preparing for your next embo with a new doctor…best wishes to you. You have taken control, and are steering in the direction you want to go…you go girl! You are an inspiration…