4 Years!

Hi all!

I’ve just noticed a little cake sign next to my name and what that means is that it is either my birthday (it isn’t) or it is my anniversary of joining avmsurvivors.org

Its four years! I found this site as I had been given an initial diagnosis by my ENT consultant of “you have what we call an arteriovenous malformation…” on something like 24th August and when I found this site, I was a few days away from having my first MRI and the “adventure” was just starting out, really.

I was met by a bunch of you guys and given much the same encouragement as I’ve been sharing back ever since, which was “Fear not DickD, you’re going to be just fine.”

So, I’m just prompted to say “thank you” for being there when I needed a bit of support. It’s good to be part of this group and share that support back a bit.

Lots of love,



Happy fourth Richard! Thanks for all you do! Take Care, John

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Happy annie-versary!

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Thanks, chaps.

It’s a good community to be a part of. My life is richer for meeting the people here. I enjoy the virtual meeting and shaking of hands and supporting of each other that we do. I count several people here among my friends (or, at least would-be friends if we were ever to have the chance to meet). There are some great advocates here for “keep on keeping on”, even among those of us with significant impairments and that is humbling, fantastic.

If I’m able to tour America one day, there are a bunch of people I’d love to meet and shake hands with properly. Actually, it’s not limited to America at all.

There are some people almost always in my mind and there are some who are a bit quiet at the moment. I’m a bit worried about the latter. If you know who you are, I’m busy thinking about you!

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Well time goes fast when you’re having fun they say lol… good work Rich and its been great sharing posts over the years with you, truly a much valued member of the site… heres to another 4 years… God bless!

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That’s very kind Adrian, thank you. I still feel like the new impostor!

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