4 years old waiting for craniotomy

My daughter had a seizure last year due to Meningitis, but we also found her avm through MRI. So far, she did 2 angiograms and 1 embolization. We’ve contacted 3 doctors and had two choices between craniotomy and Proton beam therapy.The doctors had different opinions so It was very hard to choose which option would be best for her because there were pros and cons on each one. We finally chose and she is scheduled for craniotomy next Tuesday with Dr.Lawton.We will flight to Phoenix on Sunday. It was tough year, but at time same time I’ve been thankful for that we found avm early. Since then, Our family see how the God works everyday through this journey and we also started to see a life from different perspectives . Seeing people and family with avm on this website helped me get to know what I should expect after her surgery. Thank you all for sharing your avm stories.

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Dr.Lawton is as good as it gets in our world, your daughter is in good hands. I have two children and am thankful everyday it was me with the AVM and not one of my children. I can’t imagine the feelings. You and her will be in my thoughts over the next few days and especially on Tuesday. Safe travels, and take care, John.


From what I have read dr. Lawton is as good as it gets in the AVM World; glad you caught it early and when the craniotomy is done it’s gone,no chance of rupture!

Your Daughter is in good hands with Dr. Lawton…Barrow institute is one of the top medical facilities in the world. I will pray for a great outcome…

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I was in a similar situation and also decided to have my avm resected by Dr Lawton. It was the best decision for me and I’m happy to say that because of his skill I am lucky to live a completely normal life now. Best thoughts to you and your daughter.

God Bless you and your daughter. Prayers!!

I will be thinking of you and your daughter tomorrow, wishing you the best! Take Care, John.


Still thinking about you all. Hoping you’re having a good week :crossed_fingers::pray:


Thank you all for your support!! The surgery went very well. She doesn’t have any complication and she is just like her before the surgery. It has only been a week, but she is recovering fast. However, there were other small AVMs found on angiogram followed by the surgery and also she did Chest CT and ultra sound while she was in the hospital. no AVM was found on her body, but she needs to have genetic testing for HHT too.I hope everything goes well. Please pray for Grace. Thank you!

Marvellous! Really good to hear! I hope everything continues to go really well. Thank you for sharing.

Very best wishes,


Great to hear how things went! Thoughts and prayers for Grace, and you! Take Care, John.