4 Year anniversary today!

Time goes by so quick. I had a brain Avm back in 2010 and now I have recovered. I just wanted to post this since I was noticing so many people have their anniversary this month as well haha. I hope everyone is doing great!!.

Congratulations!!! SO happy for you! It gives all of us hope of having many more years! God Bless you!

Happy happy Deagles. Nice to hear another success story and glad you have recovered nicely since your surgery.

Way to beat the beast! Congratulations

Congratulations on your 4th Strokiversary!

Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary. I am so happy to hear good stories. May you stay in good health!


Yay for you posiing this Discussion, Deagles, and happy 4 year anniversary to you!

Happy Anniversary, Deagles!

That's fantastic! Happy anniversary :)

Congrats! To your 2nd bday!!! My son is 3 1/2yr Annv ! You all are miracles… Blessings!!

Congrats. Such awesome news. So happy to read this.

Congratulations !!! Rejoice ! Thank you for sharing !!!!! Sally

congratulations Deagles - good to hear that you're doing well

Hi Deagles,

Happy 4th anniversary! My anniversary was in April - 33 years!

Happy Anniversary, Deagles! Wishing the best.

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes!!. this is why i love this forum, the support is amazing.

Congrats to you Theresa!!! That's wonderful :)