4 days after Embolization

Right I can open my mouth wide enough to brush the back of my teeth and I can eat squishy veggies but any kind of chewy stuff is out of the question. I have blown up a symbolic balloon that was given to me by a busking statue when I first got diagnosed with an avm and has remained in my wallet for this precise moment - I figure as it wilts and looses it’s swelling so will mine? We can only hope? Anyway I’m catching up on some 24 and have a new vice chocolate mousses which Shalon seems to endorse - wink :slight_smile: I feel tons better than a few days ago, sitting and lying in those robot hospital beds with wierd studs left all over me, iodine solution that looked like it had been applied in a picassoesque manner and a half brazillian made me think was it all worthwhile? Now I’m feeling better I believe it definately was. The throbbing has completly gone which is good and now it’s only a matter of time before the swelling aswell. Thanks to you all Rolandinho

ha ha ha! Totally love the posting and all your descriptions. The picassoesque iodine, the half brazilian, the studs… all of it…so true!!! Priceless.
I’m glad you are feeling better after a few days. And I love the balloon experiment. Should we start making bets on which shrivels up faster???
Yes, the chocolate shakes are totally endorsed! As are the popsicles, pudding, hot chocolate (for a night time treat) and generally anything creamy, yummy, and fattening. Got to keep taking in calories in order to heal, right??? Hence the reason that my 4 week cycle of treatments has added 15 lbs in the past year and half!!! :slight_smile:
So glad that you are doing well and in good spirits. That’s half the battle. Take care my friend!!!

Hey Ronald sounds like your doing good.
God how I missed red meat for about 14 months - nothing better than steak and pepper sauce.
Never mind you’ll be on chicken, chicken and chicken soon, take care