4 day migrain

I hope someone can help me.......I have had this migrain for now going on 5 days, I have taken my pills, stayed in the dark, used ice bags, I have tried every trick possible. Sick to my stomach. I have had many in these past years but they just get worse when I get them . I have been on so many different kinds. Do you have any ideas?

Hi Confused,

I think you should call your dr. or go to the E.R. You obviously need a different med. Have you tried an ice-pack on the back of your neck (along with your forehead)? It has to be real ice, not the cold packs that you put in the freezer. That should reduce the blood flow to your head for you.
I have a friend who relies on ibuprofen (two 500 mg capsules every 6 hrs) for hers.

I'm only telling you this because I've done it when I was desperate -- I put my head in the freezer. Yes I did. Like I said, I was desperate. I put it in, take it out, and put it again and again. Until I got it down to something more tolerable. I know it sounds stupid but, it worked temporarily for me.

I hope you get better,


Try compazine for the nausia and “migraine ice” for your headache. Its a patch that gets hot and cold, used to be the only thing that would help me relax and have some comfort. If nothing else works definately go to the ER! Feel better soon!

I think you should go to the doctor - What migraine meds are you taking? I was on Imitrex and after my angiogram /embolism my pain neuro changed me to Maxalt and Frova. I also take them with a bottled Coke. They have sugar and not the frutose. You should also get a Pain Neuro so they can give you botox for your migraines. It does help. Dont let them do your neck or deltoids though.
At emergency or the doctors the can give you anti nausea pills that dissolve under your tongue.
My pain doctor said sometimes we get caught in a pain circle from taking the meds but its important to stop the migraine. That is way too many days for you to have severe migraines and for me I was like that for three months and I had five blood clots in my head so please go get an MRV and see what is going on. Also the pain doctor can give you a nerve block in your occipital lobes that will help right away.
Also I would take a warm bath and see if that helps. Sometimes when the weather changes pressure changes can make your head worse. My doctor said Hawaii has the least pressure changes and that many people move there for health reasons...too bad its so darn expensive.
Please let us know how you are doing!