3year MRI!

I will be having an MRI this weekend as I have been having a lot of headaches in the last 6-12 months…it’s been over 3yrs since my AVM was removed via surgery but again I am worried about these headaches!

Any words to keep me positive & prayers would mean a lot to me after just having our first baby mid June I really need to be at full health for him & my wife!

Will see neuro on Monday for results …God bless all of you guys!

Hi, Adrian - I’m on year 3, too, and have been experiencing grabby head pain that is surprising and powerful enough to make me flinch but my AVM was completely removed in 2911 and my last MRI was '12 or '13 and it was clean. I checked w my neuro and there is no concern of anything else growing in there. He and my PCP suggested injections bc it is a scar related thing but I was like, no thanks, hands to yourself, please!!

It is good, though, that you’re getting scanned and will know for sure. I pray you will have peace of mind since waiting for a new baby is terribly exciting and it would be great to just think about that :slight_smile: atnt

Thank you for the kind words… God bless