3rd times a charm

What a spring. Short version. February 15th, working on my wife’s computer to get it connected to our wireless network. Started getting a headache. That’s the last thing I remember. Woke up in Dothan hospital. They told me I had a bleed. Leslie (my wife) was there with me the entire time. That makes 3 bleeds for me. Fast forward to the late spring. Had to have a shunt revision and get the old shunt out. Got a shiny new “programmable” shunt put in. Started having “jerks” after that surgery. Just got back yesterday from Birmingham to have my trileptal dosage adjusted. So the spring of 2010 was definately not good. Nevertheless, God is faithful. If this is what it takes to make me more like Christ, then bring it on. My family is amazing. My dog is a good friend (he’s the only other male in the house!) and most of all my Savior is so good. That makes 3 bleeds in 10 years. God will bring you through it, just be sure you cast all your cares and worries on Him because He cares for you!

Thanks for the words of encouragement…you are so right, God will bring us through!