30th June Nottingham meetup

Hello everyone,

The plan for this meetup is to go for lunch at a European/French resturant called Bistrot Pierre. There is a set lunch price menu which is great!

It is vegetarian/vegan/gluten free friendly. Disabled lift access and disabled toilet available.

We can get together, eat and get to know one another! For anyone who fancies it we can go afterwards to one of the local pubs for some drinks and more chats.

Please comment if you have any quires or concerns and as always remember to RSVP!

Very much looking forward to seeing you all,

Venue site: www.bistrotpierre.co.uk

TBH 30 June and Nottingham is better for me than a week later in London. You’re quite the social arranger, aren’t you?!

If there’s anyone in Leics or Warks that would like to get to Nottingham but can’t currently drive, I’m happy to help.

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Thankyou Richard! Excited to see you! :heart_eyes:

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Attention: venue change please check my original edited post for more details!

Checked. Looks rather good.

I need to see how domestic things mean whether 30th in Nottingham or 7th in London suit me best… do you have any non Ben’s Friends folk already signed up for Nottingham?

@DickD Cant wait to see whichever you go to! Nottingham’s event has 7 people interested so far but only one of them confirmed as going - Timothy who we met at the Birmingham meet up :slight_smile:

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