3 Years Today! I'm ALIVE!

Hi all,
I have been off the site for a few months. Today is my 3 year mark. It is amazing how this day still affects me. My surgery was a 3 day process with the 16th being the day that it was gone!! Life is good. I have been busy with my kids/husband and feel better than ever. It can’t hurt that we finally had a sunny day with warm temps (55) here in WI–It has been a long, snowy, and cold winter!
I just had to celebrate with those of you who understand the long road we have traveled!!! We will also celebrate with a trip to Disney in FL. The flight and high activity/motion should be interesting for my balance/vertigo as always. I’m not going to focus on that right now–just glad I can live a life and be a mom to my 3 kids.

Hang in there to all of you who are in the thick of the battle. Fight the good fight-- Good things can happen!!!

!!Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things!!

Happy Spring,

Thank you for gining hope. Enjoy your trip!

congratulations sam,
what an achievement…my hat goes off to you…i just celebrated my first year…can’t wait to get to my third…you are an amazind inspiration…enjoy your trip

Hi S
Congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary!
Keep that positive outlook and I hope you all enjoy the Disney trip, good luck.

Congrats on your anniversary! What a great day to celebrate. :slight_smile: It is great to hear your success story and that you are alive, well, and enjoying your family!

Rock on girl.Three years is a great mile stone. Stay away from the coasters. They are fun but not always good for you.
My tenth is in April and I can’t wait to get normal insurance with out writer for this. This garbage of a writer and payment of $500 a month plus is almost over.
Happy, Happy Joy, Joy

That’s wonderful…congratulations! Have a wonderful trip!