3 years post SRS

hello there..

just wanna short story about myself that have been diagnosed to hv AVM..
sad story for me initially, perhaps i'll feel better soon...

anyway, i've diagnosed to hv AVM 3 months i was in HOUSEMANSHIP TRAINING..
oh..that time, i felt so DOWN..
im a medical doctor..but, it was like a bad dream for me..
im started to have visual and auditory hallucination as well as migraine-like headache while i was in final year medical school.

i thought those symptoms are depression as i was so anxious to finish my medical grad.

unfortunately the symptoms worsening..and i felt so disturbed while working..then referred to psychiatrist..
so DOWN, so sad..so depressed..take so long leave..
can believe i had psychosis that time..
oh IM A DOCTOR! stigma from frens as well as patients saw me attended in psychiatric clinic..
then, i requested for further diagnostic imaging..really cant accept when the psy diagnose with SCHIZOPRENIA..

started with brain CT then procede with MRI..
only GOD knows, when i saw a small lesion in my brain!!

then proceed with angiography..confirmed that im having AVM..
hallucination keep coming..make me more depressed..
disturbed my happy life..
i feel so..so...DOWN..

i went SRS 3 years ago..post MRI, no more AVM..and next week, i'll undergo angiography..

my hallucination still there...but a lot of improvement..
um still working as a doctor..and perhaps..
becoming a great one later...

thanx a lot of AVM survivors here..
pray the best for us..

hi i hope you will always share your story doctors who really understand what a patiant is going through is so rare in this case my child needs to hear that you can move on with life thank you good luck