3 years post and finding it quite hard

Hi @ashleigh,
My recovery is super slow as in I wake to the new day and I feel exactly as I did the day before. That being said I have moved forward in my recovery though it’s only really noticed in month blocks rather than daily or weekly. Positive being I’m moving in the right direction. Have you experienced a similar journey to myself as in having a bleed within the cerebellum? Jo

Hi @Cornishwaves, hope you are doing well. My physical therapists kept warning me that I would see most of the improvement early on and then it would slow dramatically. So frustration is built in, either because you have so far to go, or because it’s taking so long to go further. Anyway, they were right.

So many times though, I’ve thought I was done improving, and then realized I was able to do things I wasn’t doing the year before. For instance, walking on rough ground to get to our community garden plot. Two years ago I needed another person or a walking stick, one year ago I could do it myself but not carrying anything, and this year I frequently carry a small bin with my tools. It’s only when I thought about how I got tomatoes from our plot to our car that I realized how much I’d improved season to season and that I didn’t need my old work-arounds.