3 years after GK

IT's more that 3 years after my GK and my head is still hurting. I still have numbness on my left body and extremeties. I had my angiogram last September 2011 and it seems that nothing have changed based on the result of the angiogram (have not been back to my nuerosurgeon yet). Does this mean that my GK is a failure? Does anyone here underwent GK and nothing have changed? What did you do after?

We had proton beam radiation in the early 90's, which I think is similar to GK. Results were slow. After two yrs, no change. We found out later that this DR used low dosages to prevent injury to 'good brain', but more research showed it didn't kill the AVM.

By this time, her AVM which had been labeled "not operable" became "operable" due to improvements in technology. She had 4 embos, then surgery.

It might take another round of GK or something else to fix yours. OF course, I think GK may continue to work even after several yrs.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

I have had 2 gammas. 3 yrs apart from each other. With a possible 3rd one in 2013. There was a slight difference after the 1st one but clearly nothing worth being excited about. It sucks but some AVMs just take more than 1 gamma. Best of luck and hope with the 2nd gamma it takes and you are AVM free within 3 yrs!!!!!

Thanks Ron. I'm hoping for the best ;))

Oh my God! I don't know if I can still afford a 2nd gamma. We are really financially hard up considering that I have 2 kids and with the different calamities that's been affecting our place.
I'm hoping God will give me his grace. Hoping for the best.
thank you for your message ;)
Hope all is well with you.

hi, did your doctor say that theres no change at all, not one percentage?

I had 2 doses, i had 90% removed over 9 years or so

The result of the CT angiogram says that the AVM is stable. no change at all. The positive side is, it is not getting any larger anymore. And I am hanging on to that bright light.