3 year post gamma knife MRI

So last week my 10 year old daughter was scheduled to have her 3 year post gamma knife MRI. She has to be sedated because she is so traumatized and won't lay still and even has to have nitros oxide to even get the IV in. We were all anxious about the MRI and the appointment which was to be the next day after her MRI. Well the MRI did not go so well. When they gave her the sedation she started having trouble with her breathing and was snorting, her oxygen levels dropped and the doctors rushed in and had to reposition her airway and turn her on her side and cancelled the MRI. They stablized her by repositioning her and did not give her anymore sedation. The doctors said we now have to reschedule her MRI under general anesthesia to protect her airway and she needs to go see an ENT doctor and probably will need her tonsils out. Her tonsils are HUGE and she snores at night and they are concerned about her having obstructed sleep apnea. Felt so bad for her. We were at children's hospital for about 8 hours and never even go the MRI and had to recover her from the sedation and then when she woke up had to tell her she has to do this all over again and will possibly have to have her tonsils out. Am just so frustrated and upset. I know getting your tonsils out is minor surgery, but nothing seems to be minor with my daughter and with this avm in her brain just worries me. So her MRI is rescheduled for March 29th and her neurologist appt april 2nd and her ENT appointment april 9th. Am just so anxious about her results and don't want to be negative but her last MRI showed no change, and I can't help but think it is still there and now we are going to have to look into brain surgery. Really would love to hear from anyone who 3 years post gamma got good news (: