3 weeks post op

so im feeling better as the days come...my vision is still the same but i got some awesome advice from my dear friend trish on this site and many others... im praying that it comes back :) if not then its a small price to pay...i have my life:)

So my issue tonight is sigh why is it that i feel so bad resting and recovering...maybe its bc im so used to doing alot around the house and working 40 plus hrs a week....i know i know i am resting and healing and its going to take time but am i crazy to feel this way...i know im not super woman and i must give myself time to adjust i just feel useless sometimes...im crazy i know im going to bed....lol just wanted to let that out.
FYI im loving my shower chair :)

Hey Nay, good to hear that ur surgery went well. I understand so good how u feel, so i felt exactly the same directly after my crani, i am already 6 months after now. I stressed myself so much coz i thought things had to be the same as they were before thge surgery - and this within moments - it freked me out sometimes so i didnt know what to expect and if it will ever be the same....i had/ have vission problems too - i lost 25 5 of my peripheral vision to the left on both eyes. and beside this i had lots of trouble with hearing music and noises - my head played melodies and music the whole time...it was enough to hear two tones or someone speaking a bit melodic or telephone ringing - to let my head start like a juke box....! This all got a lot better with time - except my vision - it will stay this way i think - but u know, as the days pass, u get used to things and u resach another point of "normality" - and u dont stress urself so much anymore. Its right, u must give urself time to heal, stress wont bring u anything back. For my case, it helped me a lot to take walks outside - and untill today i walk out for hours and it helps me to get my head free and I feel so good, I even feel better than before sometimes, coz i stopped stressing me - with the surgery and with all other things too - i got a new point of view and i really enjoy it. Of course I still havre bad days too, but they are really less. Just stay strong and give urself the time u need. Things will get well. Take care XXX

I feel that way a lot and I'm 4 years out! Before I was a full-functioning member of society. I worked well over 40 hours a week and was kinda "the shi*" around my office. I was the one that knew everything about everything and who everyone went to when they needed something done. Now I can't work anymore and I feel utterly useless at times.

Seriously, the best thing you can do for yourself if give yourself time to heal. You didn't just have your tonsils removed you had BRAIN surgery! Think about how crazy that is! Few people can say they've been where you have been. You'll be much more ready to take on the world again once you've allowed yourself time to rest and recover.

In the meantime. Try to find something you enjoy doing around the house. Maybe catch up on old episodes of Desperate Housewives. Maybe watch a lot of cooking shows and get ideas on some fabulous new recipes to try when you're feeling up to it.

And now that the weather's turning beautiful most places it is a great time to be outside. Walks outside did me a world of good. But remember, you might need help so make sure you have it!

Be kind to yourself and just rest,

Hi Nay- I had my craniotomy 2 days after you. I have some dreadful headaches that have improved since weaning off Percocet. I agree with you-it is so hard to just rest. I was a full time employee before this and i am just not used to sitting/laying around all day. I have gotten into meditation more and this helps. I also have my TV programs each day. It really helps to have sorta kinda schedule to my day. I found "56 things to do during recovery from surgery"-u can google it. My husband is going to test my driving over the weekend. I can tell when I overdo it because I get highly fatigued and my head hurts. Keep in touch-would love to support each other since we are so close in recovery process. I haven't posted much but plan to try to do more. What I have read here really helps. :)