3 Things

So three things about this week…

We are spending the week at a friend’s cottage. It’s a beautiful small lake and the weather has been gorgeous and it has been quiet, I mean you can hear the people on the other side of the lake quiet. I think we should get our insurance companies to cover the cost of at a minimum a week a month but ideally longer. It has been so good for my noise levels and headache levels.

It finally happened - after 18 months of dealing with balance issues, it finally got me. Went for a walk in a nature preserve near the cottage, walk went fine except a root from a tree jumped up and grabbed me. So, I’m playing it easy around the cottage with a “grade two” ankle sprain. Glad it’s not worse but ticked off that it happened (even though realistically I knew it would eventually).

You know a sure way to get depressed? We are less than one month from the meeting with Social Security and so my people are asking me to go through and put together a list of what’s wrong, what doesn’t work etc. Holy smokes, it’s an overwhelmingly long list. Brings up all kinds of big feelings that aren’t fun.

But we put one foot in front of the other (even if it’s wearing a foot brace because of a sprained ankle) and keep moving forward. Why? Because we are survivors.

And now it’s time to sign off and prepare for a busy day. Oh wait, no, not busy…


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