3 days

Now It´s coming really close. Today My best friend, her family and my younest son was here. Good how wounderful it was to see them all. We sat in the day room and talked took a walk in the hospital coridors so the kids could run uff some energy and sat in my room and talket and huged some more. I never wanna let them go!!! I miss them so mutch it hurts. But it felt a little better when I could hug them all. all credit to the phone but the feeling of hugin them just cant describes. Just wish I hade more strenght. So sad when they had to leave.
The sad thing was that my oldest son and Johan coulden´t come because of a cold. Im so afraid to get sick so I cant have this operation now that I waited so long. I just cant stand the thought of lying here longer and wait because of a cold. I maye be crule but I have to be selfish. I love Robin but i hope he understands. when I get home from Germany he can come wisit me and hug me again. I hug him in my dreams and toughts!!. I hug everyone that i love in my dreams and toughts. Hope he can forgive me. Love my kids more than life/over and out .God natt Ska drömma om er alla inatt