2nd Opinions

So many people have advised me to get a second opinion before making any decisions related to the treatment of my AVM. While I completely agree that all angles need to be explored when such critical decisions are being made, I have already been referred to one of the top 10 neurosurgeons in the nation for this condition. I feel like I should really listen to this guy. There are other neurosurgeons who also come highly recommended, but they practice in states very far away from mine. If I am going to go through heavy duty brain surgery (and that's still an IF), I want to be near my family during recovery. I'm just not so sure a second opinion is needed in this case, Any second opinion I would get around here would be from someone less qualified and less recommended. What are your thoughts?

I think it may depend on if there is ambiguity in your case, fauxhawk. If it is a small avm that is easily accessible and a crani is indicated, then perhaps one opinion is all that is needed. You can't learn who will do the best crani just by having extra meetings, after all. But if it is large or otherwise complex or not accessible, then things can get murkier and some will say crani or GK or no treatment or what-have-you. Then additional opinions become more important. Convenience always seems important before the fact. Long term, it is not the most important factor. Whoever you go with, I hope you get the best possible outcome.