2nd opinions

I would advise all AVM sufferers to get 2nd opinions when problems arise.

I attended a hosp 12 days ago due to loss of complete feeling on right hand side of body except for my face. When I saw the doctors after 5 hours of being treated from a waiting room they ran a ct scan. It came back clear to them which we were relieved of and he advised me to take pain killers for the headache but the loss of feeling he couldnt explain. They were more concerned of the headaches and nothing else.

Attended anpther hosp 2 days later as symptoms incresed and I found out that the ct scan HAD CHANGED, my avm had grown and possibly has another aneurism underneath and that I had suffered a stroke. Immediately admitted and have been in hosp for 10 days now, what with bank holidays and everything. Dont know if there is any nerve damage as of yet or what will return in time but it could have been stopped if only doctors knew what an avm was and the dangers that we all face by having them.

I thyerefore urge everyone to get a 2nd opinion if the first is not from a qualified neuro-surgeon as they tell us that they are the experts and they know what they are looking for x

I agree with you. I was under a neuro-surgeon already because I have another brain disorder called Arnold Chairi Brain Malformation. I went to see him as my headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, always tired etc had all gotten worse they are the same symptom as AVM. He done another MRI where they finally found my AVM. He then told me that he would not operate because it was too deep and in the dominate side of the brain and wanted to just monitor me like he was already doing with the Chairi. It was then that I asked for another opinion and he sent me to the surgeon I am with now. My new doctor, Prof. Morgan is going to operate at the end of May and said that I have a very high chance of a bleed at the moment and have more chance of survival with less deficit (if any) with the operation. If I had not had that second opinion who knows what might happen.

take care