2nd Opinion Referral Approved!


I got a call this afternoon that I have an appt set up at the University of Michigan for September 19! We’re going to run some tests and meet with one of their top otologists to look primarily at the ear problems - because the ringing in the ears, the headaches, the dizziness, and hearing loss all seem to be most likely linked. Hopefully we’ll be able to understand what was going on inside this screwed up head of mine and maybe even, just maybe, figure out something that might help. While I’m not optimistic that it will make things better, I am hopeful that we will understand more of what had happened and is happening and can then deal with it better.

Does that make sense?



Completely. Good luck!


Very exciting news Tom!

Will be thinking of you on September 19th and looking forward to hearing how it all goes,

Best of luck



That is great news Tom! Can’t wait to hear what they say.