2nd opinion - Embolism suggested

Hey there friend. I'm not sure if my 1 of my 3 AVF's were dural, but I know 1 was facial AVF and 1 was scalp AVF all on left side. I had all 3 embolized with Onyx just about 3 weeks ago and I'm thankful to say as of right now it seems to be going good, and I feel 95% back to myself.I felt 95% back to myself after maybe 5-6 days. Day 2, 3, and 4 was extremely tired/nap/take it easy/maybe take some tylenol days. I do notice some fullness still in my ear but it's not interfering, and since the side arteries were closed off I felt the blood moving more through the back of my head where it re-routed (mostly only felt it a few days post op or when my blood pressure goes up). The groin incision for the microcatheter is still a bit sore today but swelling felt on my head is long gone. Onyx embolization took about 5 hours under general anesthesia, I stayed one night at hospital & went home next afternoon, and napped/took it VERY EASY the following 3-4 nights after going home. I took 2 showers over 5 days because I was just too tired, and after standing/walking for a few minutes, I had to sit down/lay down (I did knock out two loads of laundry those days though!). Areas on head felt swollen and sensitive so I was very, very gentle with shampoo. (Sit down showers are good) For a few days afterwards I felt as if there was flat stones underneath my skin between scull and skin, I attributed that to the swelling & Onyx but it was not overly bothersome, Tylenol as needed helped me. I can see/feel the dark areas of the Onyx on my scalp areas but it does not bother me at all. I can slightly, just vaguely see the thin darkened veins on the face that were embolized (my skin is very VERY light, thin, and my veins have always been prominent) but again, it does not bother me and I won't let it bother me. I think I had it very easy, and I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. I also drove to my other doctors office 3 days after the procedure (I had no driving restrictions) which was a bit difficult considering that my walking was a bit restrained/slow due to groin incision sensitivity and using that leg (right) hurt a bit. Pulsatile Tinnitus was my main symptom that pushed me to seek answers as I felt something was not right and it was interfering with my sleep and life. Do you have one side, or both sides? Mine formed as a complication of maxillofacial arthroscopy 5 months before. Good idea getting a second opinion, you never know, especially if Dr is concerned about the pressure on the veins. If it's highly recommended I would seriously consider it. Untreating could lead to more serious problems but take into consideration risks & your other health issues. If you're really unsure theres no harm in seeking a third opinion. We're all here for you.