2nd Embolisation after Major Brain haemorrhage

Hi all I have made a good recover since my big bleed in early July. I am walking and talking now. Only a problem with my field vision now, they are still looking into this and I cannot go out alone or cross roads. My voice came back through accupuncture on the throat and hsving this chinese fruit in boiling water. Its a Miracle as I was told it was damaged for good. I had accupuncture done on my arms, legs and hands and feet which got rid of the numbness.

Other than all that i am doing well, get pain at times and have moved back to London. I have my 2nd Embo next week should hopefully be home by the 14th of September. I had my 1st one in Feb 09 and they blocked 50% so this time we are hoping for the best. Eventhough its more delicate this time.

Thanks everyone for the support will update when I am able to


Hi, Dipen - great news on what sounds like a recovery in good progress.

I’m really interested in the accupuncture. I’ve often thought about it and you sound like a success story.

Good luck with the upcoming embo this month! And great news that you have been recovering well from the recent bleed. Quick work like that always feels like a very positive sign!
And I’m with Brian, the accupuncture and the chinese fruit stuff is interesting. I’m sure more people would like to know what it is you are doing, and how it is all supposed to help. What is the thought behind these techniques? How does it actually work and what does it “do” to help you get better???