2 years post-op

It's almost 2 years and one month since my surgery. Most days I can't believe how much time has passed and other days it feels like it was yesterday. I haven't returned to full time permanent work, but have had a few temporary positions. I never expected to be a "housewife" but am learning to appreciate and embrace it.

The best news is that I am about 5 months pregnant!! The main reason I knew I wanted surgery to remove my AVM was so that I could have children. I held on to this thought throughout my recovery...dreaming of the day I would give birth to my child(ren). And now, it's so close to happening. I have never regretted surgery and am reminded daily of how lucky I am to be able to continue living the life I have always dreamed of!

So far my pregnancy has been as normal as the next. My OB hasn't even brought up my AVM and surgery (I have a letter from my surgeon saying it's okay for me to go through childbirth) and I like feeling like I am "normal" and just like any other pregnant woman.

I am a pretty private person and haven't posted my pregnancy on any social media, however, I feel like this is the place to do it. I have felt so much support here over the past 2+ years and enjoy reading the success stories, as well as being able to help someone newly diagnosed.

I wish everyone the best and Thank you for your continued love and support


What exciting news, Liz! Make sure to send us a birth announcement when the time comes.

Congrats on ur 2 yr post op and to ur bundle of joy....God bless u and ur family..