2 years post gamma knife

Hello my AVM friends. My daughter just hit the 2 year mark, postr gamma knife (brain stem AVM). Her MRI shows the AVM has gone from an inch in diameter, down to about the size of a #2 pencil eraser. Her surgeon didn't find any more aneurysms either. Everything looks great! She's also on track to graduate from high school on time next month.

If anyone is contemplating gamma knife, post a message to me and share your concerns. I can tell you some of our story

I’m pleased to hear everything is going well. I am due to have GKS but am worried about the after/side effects of it. My quality of life is good at the moment and I am scared to upset the apple cart! When I hear about stories about young people going through it so bravely I feel quite embarrassed about my fears coz I’m a grown women/mum in her 40s. It is so good to hear good feedback. Wishing you all well for the future x. Any info you can give would be much appreciated. Linda x

Linda, the decision on what to do is ultimately up to you. The GKS was least invasive. She had it on a Thursday & was back in school that next Monday. So recovery is a piece of cake. Not everyone suffers all the side effects that are on the list.My daughter has actually survived 2 brain bleeds, and her case is nothing short of a miracle.She had the initial bleed from the AVM, on her brain stem. The several months after the gamma, she suffered a ruptured anuerysm. You must be aware of all side effects & their symptoms, and be proactive rather than reactive.I watched her like a hawk!!

Good luck with your procedure. It's a very long day, and probably the strangest thing you will ever endure. But it sure beats the alternative !!

Char, thanks for your reply. It’s reassuring to know that everything is going well. Wishing your daughter all the best for her graduation - you must be so proud!! Linda