2 Years On ............Symptoms

Hi All
Had my bleed almost 2 years ago now all good as the fistula has disapeared but just wondered how many after this length of time still suffer with strange sensations in the head and occasional pain on a daily basis suppose I am trying to work out why my head feels so strange some days. My bleed was in the right occipital lobe slight loss of peripheral vison in left eye.

Yhanks in advance.....

Hi Daven...

The pain & strange sensation which you are referring to continues to exist in my case even after 13 yrs of surgery. But the intensity of the pain differs on a daily basis or may be even during different times during the day.

As per suggestions I have received from doctors, there is no direct straight forward solution for this. However we may be able to reduce it by changing our habits..making it more healthy habits......like...have proper healthy food during regular intervals.....wake up early & go for brisk walk....avoiding too much time on TV, music, computer etc..... basically reduce stress levels & be engrossed in stuff which keeps your mind happy & occupied.

Over a period of few months when you continously practise this it will improve your situation.

With regards to taking a doctor opinion...its not a bad idea...infact i was on medication for almost 7-8 yrs after my surgery with regular follow ups with the doctor.

Bangalore India

Thanks yeah I guess its probably just something have to live with just weird how such a small bleed can continue to effect the brain years after