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2 year MRI


Well I have my 2 year MRI result, a couple items “MR angiography does not demonstrate arteriovenous shunting or significant residual vessels in the region of interest” . “No obvious residual nidus…DSA may better reassess the lesion”. So my AVM is not visible via MRI and would seem an angio will likely be next as noted by the radiologist. So some good news but still not declaring victory! Hopefully the next step will be in the next few months. It’ll be elective so will probably have to wait some but I’m okay with that, January would be nice…thanks for listening! John.



Sounds very encouraging :grin: . Completely understand you staying cool about it. But it does sound like great progress.

Bloody well done. Keep going.



John, 25 years ago I was where you are right now regarding trying to decide if I should have surgery or not. I did have the angiogram which confirmed the AVM that the MRI indicated.

I won’t bore you here. But you can read in my profile how my AVM journey began. I elected to have the surgery to resect it. And I’m still here.

If you ultimately have surgery keep in mind the brilliant doctors and nurses have this down almost as a routine. Take recovery nice and slow. Before you know it you’ll be back to pre-AVM life!

Enjoy the holidays,



Very happy for you! I also was with my neuro on Thursday and he said as I still have many sympthoms we can wait a bit longer and he scheduled a new appointment to 14 of February, but he would have done the anvio now at the two year mark…but honestly I didnt wanted to ruin my December and I really am getting better of the pain and numbness that he says it can indicate blood flow still o the avm. But on February I decided I wanna do it for sure!


Thanks Bill and Rita! Bill I had Gamma knife in November of 2016, it was on recommendation of my neurosurgeon as presenting the least risk, with the understanding if it ruptured again, craniotomy it would be! Hoping to get some good news in the new year. You enjoy the holidays as well, and thanks for being here for us!





Just advised that I’m up for angio on January 28th, so assume I’ll have the news within a few weeks of that. Can’t wait, this will be the “hat trick” of angios so hoping it’ll be all! Although I have no recollection of the first one, the second is clear as a bell! Take Care all, John.


Wow! You must be very excited/anxious and with fear all at the same time! I imagine that because I will tell to my neurosurgeon on the appointment of 14th of February that I wanna do my angio to see if gammaknife worked too. And I cant wait anymore… I wanna know.
Fingers crossed for your angio and think about all of us here in the group, we are with you!


Oh I hope this becomes a great start to 2019!

Will check in with you nearer the time. I know you dare hardly hope. But I think we know it will only be itsy bitsy if there is any residual flow going on?

Hoping for the best. Catch you in just 24… 23… 22…

That is no time at all away. I hope it goes as quickly as a holiday in Hawaii!

Very best wishes