2 weeks HOME

It has been a much easier transition than I ever expected.

We have gotten into our weekly routine of outpatient therapy and have added Chiropractic, massage and acupuncture too.

Scotts memory still has hiccups. Sometimes it really bothers me. But when it does and he sees the concern on my face he always says "I remember how much I love you". And that always eases my pain.

We have a long road still. But we have a ROAD. I get to sleep next to my husband every night. I get to eat dinner with him every day. We listen to music and have great conversations and love each other.

No more driving 200 miles a day, no more nurses and hallway noises. No more beeps and nighttime vital checks. Just kids and schedules and meals and home projects.

Just LIFE.

I'll take it.

Hi Danijo and good for you in posting an update. Awww I like that you share Scott's expression of love as easing your pain. I think Ann will share her experience with the various therapies you mention. Yay for your expressions of gratitude and yes life can be challenging but oh so rewarding. Yay for your family!

Danijo, I hope you know how many people you are lifting up and supporting just by posting about your journey together. Wishing you many happy days, starting with now.

You're in acupuncture!! hooray!! CMD is off this month, and I'm a little relieved, honestly, even though I LOVE her. She called me a baby again last time and I was whimpering and writhing around on the table she shook her head disapprovingly, saying, "This is very weak. I prefer stronger."

Mm Hmm. She does not kid around.

I have to say I love Scott's response to the memory hiccups. "I remember how much I love you" diffuses the situation and indicates he's a total player, too!! :) Yeah, he had a cataclysmic health event but he's still got it.

Thanks for the update!

I’ve also been home for about two weeks now. Does acupuncture really work? For nerve pain?

Hi, Kala, sorry for the late response! Acupuncture was the only thing that truly helped with my hemiparesis pain and is the reason I could start exercising more. While I was traveling and away from Acupuncture i regressed and realized it had helped me so much with both pain and mobility. People’s experiences can vary widely, however, based on the skill level of the practitioner. I found my CMD as a referral from my cousin. My CMD is amazing. Check out her credentials as an example of a promising candidate if you search for one! http://www.evergreenacupunctureandherbs.com