2 Round of treatment for me

Last wednesday I had my first follow-up MRI after my surgery 8 months ago. Today I talked to my neurosurgeon - and as it seems the MRI-pics show a large draining vein again , where my AVM was before my surgery. No I am schedulled for an angio next thursday to find out what it really is - if its a lsft-over from the crani or sth new. My surgeon said, its a few mm large or small - not the & cm that it was before. He also told me if it will be sure thats still an AVM - or an AVM again I ´m going in for another treatment, but he doesnt know yet what kind of treatment it will be. Did anyone of u have similar results or did anyone need to have another treatment after crani????? Thanks for any advice...xxx

You will be in my thoughts and prayers, Manux! Keep us informed!

Craniotomy leftovers do happen; I think the bleeding during surgery makes it very hard to be sure that the entire AVM is gone, especially when you're talking about millimeters. My husband had a scrap left over from his crani, and once it was detected, it was treated by embolization. He's been followed-up with angios and CTs since then, and everything remains clear.

Our neuro said that brain AVM's don't ever grow back. If a scrap is left, it can appear to grow as it recruits other veins to feed it, but once the scrap is dealt with, the AVM is resolved.

It's not the best news, but finding it now rather than later means you're being taken care of, and it'll be easier to deal with before it gets any larger.

Thank u so much....:))))

Can’t answer this but wishing you well and good results!!! Fingers crossed.