2 days post Onyx embolization. DAVF+

I had a very successful Onyx embolization procedure on March 14th. Dr. Moran at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis spent over 4 hours and put almost 15 ccs of Onyx in. The good news is I have had very few physiological side effects of the procedure. I am a little"fuzzy" in my thought process and my head hurts with coughing/ sneezing.I have also had a little of a halo effect on my vision today. The bad news is I have at least one more similar procedure plus gamma knife to treat some issues deep in my brain. I have a little concern about the total amount of Onyx that will be used as well as the radiation during embolizations and follow up radio surgery. Any experiences with onyx amounts, radiation, hair loss etc are appreciated. Reading this forum has been very helpful during this process. I hope my experiences will help reassure others as well.

I'm glad your procedure was successful, Sampson. I have no personal experiences to offer here; if you don't get responses, typing "onyx" or "hair loss" in the search box will yield results. Best wishes to you!

I am a little jealous. I was all set up to see Dr. Moran and then found out at the last minute he was out of network. Glad things went so well. You are in great hands.


Small hair loss in patches on the opposite side of treated AVM locations. Redness or dry/blisters may form on the treatment side.Should occure within 1st 6months. Deficit area/level increased after the first 2 embo’s on the first day but returned to initial level of minor deficits by the next with no major damage. Will have 3rd embo. Tomorrow and final crani/resection 2days later. Will be asking about onyx totals and poly particle totals after tomorrow’s final embo surgery. Wishing you the best outcomes! ~Elizabeth