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2 days after gamma knife of brain AVM


Yes Gill it’s all normal I had a sore head from the pIn sites for a few weeks also 2 days after GK the top of my head went numb. It felt really weird but as others had this feeling I didn’t worry too much. The feeling came back 3 month later. I have realised that there are different symptoms for different people depending on where the AVM site is. But I have had no other problems following GK. Good Luck with your recovery.


Hi gill, some days it completely floors me… but most days I just get on with life as best I can. As I was diagnosed with MS and the AVM at the same time.

And i have told my son, well certain things, it’s a Pokémon in my head, google “tangela” it might make you smile.
Take care
Sarah .


Hi Gillibean
Thank you your message has helped me not worry. A numb head must of been scary. I also had a numb arm last night which I think must be normal too then. X


Hi Sarah,
Tangela is very funny, great idea! :slight_smile:
Having MS and an AVM must be very scary for you. When I was diagnosed with an AVM my best friend was diagnosed with MS so I really feel for you. I hope you are coping OK. X


Hi, when I was diagnosed, Isaac was only 7 at the time, so having a Pokémon in my head was just to make it easier to explain. And yes the ms and avm, just wow.


Glad it went well, I hated getting that halo put on, will not do it again. Had gamma knife twice because first time lead to no change in AVM size. Hope it worked the second time because I will refuse that halo again.


Oh no you poor thing. How big was your AVM, did it not shrink at all? Did you have any side effects? I hope it’s gone this time.


I also hated the halo part and went into shock when it was put on. I thought it was very painful and bled loads when it came off. I get my one yr results on Tuesday and also don’t want to go through it again. Sorry Joe it didn’t close the first time round I feel for you and pray I closes this time for you.


It’s small but deep in the corpus callosum, so inoperable. Side effects, vomiting immediately following radiation and a "sun burned head for a couple of months. Hope they got it also, first time they said it may have shrunk a bit but didn’t stop the flow of blood to it.


Oh no that’s Terrible Joe no wonder you can’t face it again. Good luck with your results this time.


Was it because it was deep that they didn’t think it worked? Mine is apparently deep and in an eliquent area of the right Parietal lobe.


Hi Joe I can see now that yours is very deep so that must have been a difficult decision for you.