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2 days after gamma knife of brain AVM


Hi I just wanted to briefly share my positive gamma knife experience incase it helps anyone, as reading other posts here has really helped me.
I have been lucky as I’ve had no symptoms and my Avm was small.
I went in at 7am and took some diazepam to help with anxiety and claustrophobia . They put the head frame on which was uncomfortable but quite light. Then a very loud 20minute scan followed by an angiogram which went well just some flashing lights and a warm liquid feel.
I then waited an hour while they made my plan. My radiation was for 71 minutes. I meditated to stay calm which really helped me. Then they took the frame off, gave me some well needed pain killers for my head then took me up to the ward to rest at 1.30pm. I was so relieved that it all went well.
I was kept in till 5pm incase of a seizure but I was fine.
Since then I’ve been resting in bed, dosed up with painkillers for my head especially around the 4 frame points. Feeling nauseous, aching and extremely tired but so happy it’s over and that I did it.
I will have a scan every year then an Angiogram in 3 years to confirm it’s gone. The long wait will be hard for me! Good luck to you all, you are stronger than you think!


A positive story, really nice to hear. Glad it all went well, hope the results are just as positive.
Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Thank you


Great to hear Gill! I’m coming up to 18 months post gamma knife and the time is really flying by. Take Care, John


Hi John thank you and that’s great to hear. have you had any more problems apart from your headaches?




Great post and very helpful to others, so glad everything went well for you, your right on track, get some rest and give yourself a chance to heal, take care,


Completely agree! Well done!


How I understand your post! I felt exactly the same and I felt so happy and proud of myself when everything was over :sunny:
I just have to say my avm only needed 14 minutes of radiation I haven´t discovered yet no one with a smaller one!
Take care and now each day even if you did nothing special always remember the radiation did :stuck_out_tongue:


No further issues thus far! Still get mild headaches but think it is more fatigue. I am looking forward to the next MRI and eventually the angio.


Thank you Rita. Wow 14minutes!:slight_smile: how long ago did you have it? Have you had any symptoms since then? Gill


It will make 17 months on 14 of May! Yes it has worsen a lot my pain, lack of sensation and numbness on my right side :confused:


Oh Rita I’m sorry to hear that. You have been so brave to get through 17months. I really hope it will be gone soon and you start to feel better. X


Hi I’m 7 months last, 2nd Gamma, just waiting now



Hi Sarah how are you doing? Have you had any symptoms since gamma? X


Well done Gill. It will go quickly now. I’m 14 months post Gamma Knife and have my consultation next Tuesday with results of my 1 year scan. Fingers crossed it’s all good.


Hi gill, I do still get the pain in the head, but doing ok. I’m still trying to lead my normal life, if there is such a thing. Working, looking after my 8year old boy.
Take care


Hi Gillibean,
Good luck, let us know your results. Have you had any symptoms from, gk?

It’s been 5 days since mine and I still have an extremely sore head, from the points and top of my head, does anyone know if thats normal? X


Hi Sarah,
Poor you does it stop you working some days? Does your boy understand your condition? as I haven’t explained it all to my 5 year old yet for fear of worrying him. X


Thanks so much for sharing your story Gill.