#2 & 3... with 4 scheduled

I’ve had my 2nd and 3rd embos with this most recent one (June 3rd) being a little more in depth then the other 2 so to speak. After my 2nd I came home to knowing I had a baby shower to throw for my sister and my other sister would be home with my niece, so I think I pushed myself to recover quicker. Then I was able to crash once all was said and done. This time I just feel exhausted. My doctor said he’d be working on a deeper part of the AVM, and later infered after the embo it was a more risky part. I also have had these raging migraines that I used to get that only a pitch black silent room and lots of sleep would cure ( now I have vicodin and that makes it a little easier) I don’t really feel myself, I go through the motions but I don’t feel like I’m doing anything… weird! My next embo was scheduled for August 5th!! 2 months?!? yikes… so I called to see if I could work something out closer and got a call back about July 6th… I’ll take that. My doctor does 2 embos a day at 6 and at 1, and I’ve had the first 2 at 1pm with the last one being a 6AM appt, which I think is the better appointment to have, because you only have to spend one night in the hospital instead of 2 not knowing if you’re going to get the roomate from hell when they move you from the ICU to the real floor- it happens, no joke- I know first hand. I had the option to get another appointment at 6AM if I wanted to wait until Sept 2nd. No thanks :smiley: I almost have a feeling like it’s going to be 6 treatments to be said and done with this- and probably some sort of radiation. I cross my fingers it doesn’t include something with a halo- because every interpretation I’ve read says it hurts like hell! And I’m already losing enough hair :frowning: I don’t really want to lose more from having radiation so I hope that embolization is the answer even if it’s 10 treatments and my mom says I smell like creamed corn after… I can never smell it? oh well… I just want to be squid-free and be able to drive(Sept 18th). We’ve started calling my AVM a squid to make light of the situation I guess :slight_smile: since March 18th I really haven’t had a down moment until I just wanted my doctor to tell me I could drive. My mom works from home so she can make sure I’m alright, and I live with my boyfriend at my brothers house that my cousin also lives at- so I’m surrounded by family who is more then willing to drive me places but it’s still entirely frustrating. I think I just needed to hear it from my doctor himself that he couldn’t sign off on me to drive for endangerment of others for it to sink it and stop wanting it so bad. It was the first time I’ve really cried about any of this junk. But I’m halfway there…although the last 3months have been crazy and I’m sure the next 3 months will be too but atleast by then I’ll be able to get around on my own and away from it if I have to! any day now I’ll have a new niece or nephew and give me something to take my mind off of whats in it.

Hi Sarah, I had “5” Embolizations…all done! (so far) stay cool…everything will be fine! And my hair even grew back…lol

Hey Sarah! Good to hear you are doing well after the first 3 embos! They are a nuisance but in the grand scheme of things…really aren’t that bad! I’m actually lucky and have never had to stay the night after my recent series of embos (knock on wood!) But I’ve been there with the crazy roommates too. Just makes you glad to be “you” sometimes when you compare to them. ha!
That’s funny about the creamed corn. I think you may have mentioned that before after you posted on your first embo. I’ve never had anyone tell me I smell funny…but that would be funny! Maybe your mom secretly has that as a snack while you are out??? And is trying to blame it on you? That MUST be it! :slight_smile:
You have such a positive attitude about this and it’s wonderful. Definitely makes one believe that you will get this squid out, fry him up, and eat him for dinner! Ok…actually that’s kind creepy…but you know what I mean!
Good luck on your embo next month. I’ll be in just a few days behind you on the 9th.
And you will have to post pictures up of the new baby when it arrives. What fun that is!!! Totally something wonderful to focus on to put this AVM in the back corner.