1st one down

Had 1st embo 11th April. Aside from alittle visual disturance in my left eye and some intermitant pain in my teeth I don't feel to bad. I did notice I am tired alot. My husband told me I was under for 4 hours. He was told it went very well and they covered more of the AVM than they thought they would get and I would only need one more embro before crani, (finally some good news)! I hope the other surgeries go as well.

Yay! Congratulations! I'm glad it went well for you.. :)
It's only been 4 days since your surgery, so you still have the anesthesia in your system. If I remember it right, it takes about a week to 10 days for it work out of your system completely.

Get well,


Thanks Ben, i didn't know that. Hope all is well with you. I am supposed to have next embolization with the next two weeks or two weeeks from the previous and than crani following week. I'll keep you posted.

I only know that because I've had a few surgeries. :)

Wondered how you were doing... when is the next one scheduled for? Is the craniotomy scheduled? Having my final angiogram (I hope!) tomorrow... I am still migraine free! Four months total so far... hope you continue to do so well.

Hi Barbo. I'm feeling pretty good, thank you for asking. my next embo is scheduled for May 8 and crani for the 14th. I'm starting to get a little nervous as anybody would. Believe it or not since the 1st embo my headaches also subsided. I still get some visual disturbances but the headache is nothing compared to what I used to get so I'm happy about that. Just hope the other procedures go as well. How are you feeling?