1st embolization, 5 weeks later

Its been 5 weeks now since my 1st embolization, and coming out of hospital I found it difficult to walk with pain in my calfs. Somehow I trapped a nerve in my lowerback and bruised the tailbone in my spine. I have since overcome these but do get a lot of pain when attempting to stand up. My physiotherapist told me this should ease of once the bruising goes away.

The past 2 weeks have been quite busy seeing GP’s, and specialists due to various other symptoms. I saw an ophthalmologist due to my consultant found that the back of my eyes didnt look normal whilst I was in hospital. They have since found that my optic nerve at the back of my eyes has become blurred they stated this was due to the pressure in my head which was caused by the haemorrhage. I need to get my eyes checked regularly to make sure my field of vision is not affected but currently there isn’t a cause for concern and hopefully once the AVM is treated the optic nerves should be fine. I can still drive which is great news.

I also saw my GP regarding my hair falling out on the right hand side of my head as my neurogurgeon stated it was nothing to do with the embolzation procedure. My GP referred me to a inhouse dermatologist who had a look and diagnosed me with Alopecia but both my GP and dermatologist were concerned that every time they touched my head I was in pain and it felt very sore. They believe that the hair loss is due to the blood supply being cut off from the scalp in the embolization procedure. However they gave me a Topical steroids cream to apply twice daily and to come in and see them weekly, they are hoping that it is Alopecia and that my hair does grow back fully.

Apart from that I feeling good now and am just getting ready for the next embolization treatment which is in 3 weeks time and hopefully the last.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support, I dont get to come on here much but everyone has been great and hopefully I can return the favour to you all.

Good luck for the next embo Dippen and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, take care.