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17 year old brother. Prom night disaster!


I was for a short short amount of time. Just enough until my brain “cooled off” as they call it. He’ll great stronger and stronger as the days go by. Any progress no matter how small is progress. Xo!


I had surgery for avm on Monday 15th may, and had embo on the Friday before, the pain from the surgery made me sick as a dog, couldn’t eat or drink , was in a drip constantly. Don’t know how long I’ll be in hosp for , until I can self care I suppose, could be a while, fed up in the hosp, :weary:


Thank you so much! That’s crazy I’m happy to hear your ok! He’s 2 weeks into his journey. Like I said he moved a lil which is awesome. I just can’t imagine him not progressing pass here. Thank you again! Do u remember how long you had to cool down for


About two months! My initial bleed was in September, I didn’t have surgery till December. In between those months it was trying to strengthen my body between speech stuttering and just simple motor skills trying to strengthen as best as we could! I keep thinking about you & your brother please please please if you have any other questions/ just need someone to vent to on someone who has a slight insight on what you’re feeling don’t hestirate!


I can promise you I will the has helped me for sure! Wow two months is a long time!!! You were around 17 too??l


After my many brain surgeries/strokes 1990, I was, also, 1/2 paralyzed w/ other issues. Everyone recover differently, because each AVM is located in many different areas of the brain, as I understand. Anyway, I took me quite a while, in over a year, to get the paralyzation out of my life. I feel the best advice from me is:

Power From WITHIN, & Strength From Above - ANYTHING could be possible!!!

Good luck, and may God be with you!!!



Never heard of the first 2. My understanding is that shrooms help alleviate stress anxiety rather than return motor functions. If he has similar deficits to me, guitar is going to be frustrating. Did he enjoy learning and playing other people’s music or creating his own? If the former, I’d suggest becoming a teacher of sorts. For example, I still get satisfaction from Den Leading Boy Scouts. It’s rewarding to see them learn to do the things I can’t anymore, like strike a fire with flint and steel. If it’s the latter, they have great computer software that will synthesize the guitar sounds.
Cooking with a helper is fun for me. I really like BBQing.