17 days out from second craniotomy

Haven't had a lot of free time lately to stop in and update everyone on how Brent is doing. We are now 17 days out from his surgery and he continues to suffer with intense head aches. Most resent CT is showing fluid already pooling In the ventricle where the cyst was removed and now doc is saying another craniotomy will likely be necessary to put a shunt in his brain. They are waiting to see how much pressure builds up and if it causes pressure on the brain and optic nerves :( Doesn't seem fair that he has to continue to suffer after all he has already been thru :(

Oh man, I’m so sorry studer. The shunt will relieve the pressure and give him some relief, o hope they will get him feeling better. Is he still in hospital? All of you are in my thought and prayers. God bless you.

His is still home but seems to be getting progressively worse. Today he is vomiting and unable to keep even a sip of water down. We are having a heat wave here so its hard to say if its the heat or the headache that's causing him to be so sick. I feel so bad for him but he refuses to call the doc always says give it a few days grrr...

Dehydration will make things worse for him, I'm afraid. If he can't keep down ice chips, he should receive iv fluids. Call his gp if you can't get in touch with the neuro.

His Mom just came and got him and took him to the emergency room he said he is feeling really off and admitted it was time to get checked out! I have all of the kids home tonight so I wasn't able to go, so now I'm climbing the walls waiting to hear something :(