15 months post craniotomy with severe headaches and dizziness

Anyone have any advice for my 12 year old girl? :frowning: We are in supplements, vitamins, see a holistic chiropractor (approved by Johns Hopkins neuro) and she’s still on Keppra (had seizures but was only put on as preventative to embos and craniotomy)

Any advice?!?

I'm sorry to hear about her headaches, Tawnya. There is some information on the "Coping with Headaches" group that you can look at:


I hope she gets relief soon!

Mom, I hope your daughters headaches go away. I'm on Keppra and although I have headaches, I don't think taking Keppra is the reason. I would talk to someone on the Johns Hopkins team to see if there is anything else that can help her.

Thank you!

Thank you!!!

Some members have had success with acupuncture. Check with the doctor and see if he/she approves.

This may sound strange but my surgeon told me when i was discharged that after surgery I may suffer more headaches and sensations than normal. They explained to me that after the avm removal more blood would get to parts of my brain that would normally get none or very little blood pre surgery. after time my brain would get use to this and it should start to settle down. 15 months does seem a long time after surgery so the above may not apply but worth knowing about. Richard


I started to have massive headaches and migraine about 5-6 months after craniotomy. My doctor put me on Amitriptyline for 6 months. I stopped taking this med when I was 1 year in recovery. Now I will better then ever and I have headaches not frequent than any regular person. I am at my 17. month since surgery. I hope that your little girl will start to feel better soon. I would talk to her doctor about this medicine. Good luck!