14 weeks

The physical improvements are remarkable,
Sitting, walking, grabbing, rowing, pushing...
The muscle memory for music is astonishing,
Chords, progressions, rolls, beats...

But more important than anything else,
The mannerisms, the way you hold your hands, your facial expressions, the hugs, how you ask me for a kiss, the nicknames you call me, how you tell me you love me with out saying a word....
This is what makes you My Scott.

"Danielle, You know, don't you?"
"I do, I know"

And tomorrow will be an even better day.

Your posts continue to be moving and beautiful, Danijo. They are a gift.

I continue to proclaim yay for Scott and an even bigger yay for you, Danielle! Thank you for posting these wonderful blogs and I echo dancermom's comment!

"The mannerisms" are such a big deal. I'm so glad you called them out. They are a huge indicator that Scott's still Scott - and only you could know that things so little are major. :) Thanks, D!