[14 August 2013] 2 weeks passed since the craniotomy

I have a recuperation at home now. There is a large bump on the scalp where the surgery. I do not feel little pain. I feel a tiredness sometimes, I'm taking a nap. It is said that there is a risk of seizures within three weeks after craniotomy. Therefore, I have to refrain from driving a car according to the instructions of the doctor. If the problem does not occur until the examination of the third week after craniotomy, the attending physician will allow the operation of the car to me. It is inconvenient now, but this is unavoidable.

I did not realize your craniotomy was so recent. It seems that you are doing very well. Get lots of rest.

Good luck. Wishing you the best and hope you are able to drive again soon!

I would like to thank your concern. I also do not believe that I have a craniotomy half a month ago. Now, I have a rest at home. I do not feel the pain in particular. Doctor said to rest at home at least 3 weeks after surgery. I am planning to return to work from September. My job is research and development of automotive parts.