12 weeks ultra sound

Ok…went to the doc and they told me that they couldn’t do another ultra sound because my insurance wasn’t going to pay for it. So they decided to just get the doppler thing out to check for the babies heart beat. The doctor tried for several minutes to get one and eventually 2 other people came in and tried also. My obgyn decided they were going to do an ultra sound anyway just to see if they can find a heart beat. During the ultra sound the tech told me that my placenta was in the way and that was why they couldn’t hear the heart beat. So I was relieved but didn’t get to hear it that way either. I go back on Friday March 13th…2nd friday 13th in a row for doctors appointment. Good thing I’m not superstitious! I have to admit that I have already been really worried about the baby and the things that they say could be wrong with him or her. and then going in and not hearing a heartbeat just scared me even more. But they assured me that everything was ok and that with a lot of woman you can’t hear the heartbeat til later on in pregnancy when the placenta has moved out of the way. My husband will be telling his employer next week that we are going to have a baby and then he will be taking off to go with me to the doctors appointments from here on out. I also found out that my disablility is going to give me medicare for free starting in june…and the amazing thing is that God is always there. Because for some reason my obgyn wants all the money for delivery by the end of the 7th month and guess what…that is June. hahah. So medicare will cover all of that. It is amazing how God provides for us and has provided for us at times when my medications were so expensive and my husband and I were both still in school and weren’t working full time. If it wasn’t for God providing I am sure we would have had to move in with Eric’s parents. And the hospital that preformed my first surgery wouldn’t have paid the 170,000 dollars and gave us the balance of 0$ on my account. It really is a miracle in itself…to just have that much money taken off of our plate. I really do believe that God provides for all of us that believe in him. With it being the need of money for bills, medication, or just the faith that you will make it through.
I have 2 ultra sound pictures that were taken on the 13th and will get my hubby to scan them on to my computer so I can share them with you all. :slight_smile: I only have 4 more days til I am out of this 1st trimester business and it seems to be going so fast! Ahah but i’m sure the last one will seem to take FOREVER!!!

I’m so pleased to hear that things are going well Brit! What an exciting time for you guys.

You are so right, Brittany. Somehow things just work out and for sure God is in your corner. That must have been so scary when they were looking for the heartbeat but glad it is all normal. Can’t wait to see the next ultrasound. Take care and try to enjoy these next months as much as you can. Take lots of naps!!

I’m so happy that things are working out for you, Brittany. I’m looking forward to seeing the new pictures!

me too Brittany,cant wait to see her or him again,:slight_smile:

can’t wait for the pictures brittany !! hurry up please !! take care xxx

Take care of yourself, Brittany!

Hello Brittany. Hide and seek-I remember those games my babes played in-utero…Excited to see photos !
Be good to you. Take care of you. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. May God guide you, guard you and hold you (all) in the palm of His hand as always.