#12 Under our belt and out of the way

It has been a long time since I have had a moment to sit and write. Arie just got #12 out of the way. We are pretty excited that Dr. Yakes is saying that he got 99% of what he found in the latest treatment. He does want to see her again, however we are now in wait mode for new insurance. Since, Denny lost his job and is now in the interviewing process. We are praying hard for he has 1 for sure interview on Monday and a possible second one this next week. We hope that one of those options work out!

Arie spent the summer in her happy place, the pool! She was able to be on her swim team again. She really enjoyed it so very much. Her coaches were again excellent. Arie was able to really improve and swim well. She worked very hard and improved at each swim meet. She was acknowledged at the end of the summer with the one award they give out as the “Most Improved Swimmer” for the whole 11/12 year old girls. She was given this award over 29 other girls who also had amazing seasons as well. She was so very proud and excited with herself! She can hardly wait to get in the pool again for work outs!

Arie starts school this upcoming Wednesday. She is excited to be going back. She is even more delighted that she won’t be on steroids for the first day of school. You know sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. Arie’s most recent treatment was fairly easy. Due to the fact she was hoping her dear friend Shalon would have a gown waiting for her. Our new hospital gown expert came through with flying colors and success!! She had a darling gown waiting for Arie. Arie was so happy to walk around the hospital with out the grip of shame. That 3rd tie makes all the difference from keeping your hiney from being displayed. Everywhere Arie went the hospital staff new Shalon’s work. Everyone kept saying to us that Shalon needs to go into business! Ha! I agreed with them. Arie was proud to show off for Shalon and the wonderful products she was turning out. Shalon, really is a blessing where ever she goes!

Thank you all for your wonderful support for Arie and us here!

So good to hear such good news following Arie. Our little people deserve as much joy as they can stuff into their lives between crappy treatment times! Good for her to get that award and she looked adorable in that gown and she must have looked forward to receiving it. I hope your husband gets that job!

Hello Jody , Denny and Arie !!
Congratulations Arie !! Excellent work at swimming !!! Love the gown !