12 month after radiation

Went to Sydney for my appointment last week, had my MRI (remembered the practical underwear) … for some reason I nearly fell asleep in the MRI which is a first, as usually i can’t stop thinking about how bloody loud it is in there and when is it going to be over… anyway, after they got the canula stuck in my arm, i ended up with a big bruise! … after the MRI scans were ready we took them to the professor to interpret… although i had to have a look before hand and of course do my own interpretation… i think i could be a neurosurgeon or at least a scan interpretor as my interpretation was pretty much right on the money…hardly any change… 0.00001% reduction in the AVM - 3 less vessels … the proffessor was pretty disappointed he couldn’t give me any better news, but suprisingly i took it well (i think) … well i guess here is to the next 6 months… and lets hope I can be in the 60% chance the professor gave me in the first place!!! thanks again everyone for all ur support, couldnt continue on without it…u are my strength when i am weak!