12 days later

Had an angiogram 4-1(April 1). My head is finally back to normal. No more "fuzziness", clear as a bell.

Glad to hear it, tdz. And what was learned from the angio? Are you headed for treatment?

I have my appoint with the neuro April 30. My wife gave me some info but she prefers and I agree to hear it directly from the doctor.
It seems there is different access to the vessels but it's deeper. He needed about 10cm additional length to the catheter to place the glue. He'll be contacting the manufacturer to see if it's possible.
First impressions, 6 to 7 angios/embolizations, followed by 2 to 3 Gamma Knife procedures with a 60/40 success rate for some result. That was relayed by my wife. I was under for a bit more than 4 hours.
The doctor may have noticed another "something" beyond my AVM. I don't know what that is either.
I'm going to have the surgeon, if he already hasn't, forward to the Gamma Knife doctor to see what his stats are for a non-embolization procedure. My wife is surprised I'm even considering it. I figure if it's 60/40 with embolization and 50/50 without, I should give it some thought.
That's why I'm waiting to hear from the doctor. Talk to the doctor. This last round took a lot out of me. It's the first time I've felt my age and it's a hard thing to face. We shall see what happens.

Tdz, nine procedures seems like a lot for 60/40 odds. Please proceed carefully and ask many questions. Ask your doc directly whether he would opt for these interventions. And ask your wife for her feedback as well. Wishing and hoping for the very best for you!