11-03-10 Neurosurgeon Consultation results.


The results are in, and I am basically in the same condition as I was from my last MRI (4-27-09). My AVM has shrunk a lil' bit, but it is still there. I asked many questions and Dr. Sorenson was so very patient and understanding as he addressed all of my questions with easy to understand replies.

We also went over my options which are still:

#1,....Continue to monitor the AVM with twice yearly MRI scans.

#2,....Embolism with Gamma Knife.

#3,....Embolism with Caniotomy. (3 months rest and recovery)

Needless to say,...I'll take #1.

We also covered my "odds" of another brain bleed which are, a yearly 3% chance for, or a 97% chance aganist.

(I'll take the 97% aganist odds),...*wink*,....(for now)

I have added my most recent MRI scans to my profile page.

I have waited for the right time to post this "blog" being right at Thanksgiving. As I have so very much to be thankful for:

I am thankful for my current health.

I am and always will be thankful for the love that My Nellie had for me. (as she will always live in my heart)

I am thankful for the love and attention from my children.

I am thankful for the love and attention from my sister and brother.

I am thankful to be employed in a profession I truely love.

I am thankful to be financially sound and ok.

I am thankful for my "peanut" my Red Lored Amazon parrot I have had since 1985.

I am thankful for my pups that bring me so much joy.

I am thankful for no discernable adverse side effects/handicaps from my cerebral AVM.

I am thankful for all my wonderful friends and friends to be, here on this site.

I am thankful to have this site to share with my fellow AVM Survivors.

I am thankful,...TO BE ALIVE..!!

And ya' know,...I am a very lucky and a very blessed man,....*wink*

I close this blog with a wish for everyone to be thankful (count your blessings) and have a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

"You Are,...What You do,...When it Counts"


No change with a little shrinkage is a good thing! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving as there is a lot to be thankful for!

Sooo happy that you gave us an update and that it sounds like good news!!! have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

So glad, William! Shrinking, whether a little or a lot, is good news.
As far as thankfulness: it is always the ‘little things’ that mean the most to a person and are so thankful for. So glad you have a doctor who actually takes his time to address all of your concerns/questions, as it makes a BIG difference.

I’m so happy for you my friend! Shrinking can only be good…your courage and thoughtfulness for others is just beautiful William. I wish you a peace, save and Happy Thanksgiving. Lotsa Luv, your friend, Lesley.

That’s great news, hope the fella continues to shrink and just disappears

William…Great news…You are always so funny and send such great comments…Love to read them! Keep it going, friend!

Glad it’s shrinking! Hope it continues to do so. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.